How do you describe your shooting style?
We love candid moments and real emotions between the wonderful people we get to photograph. In our session we focus on the interactions of you and try to give you as much space as possible, but of course also guide you if necessary. Standing in front of the camera is not an everyday occurrence, so we want to you to be as comfortable as posssible.

What is the difference between edited photos and edited and retouched?
All final images are edited for color, saturation, exposure and sharpness. Ensuring that each image is on it’s own and the best it can be. For retouched images we take things a step further by clearing up blemishes, smoothing the skin, removing as much interference from the background as possible. Retouched images are transformed from great images into pieces of art.

Is tax included?
Yes. My rates are out-the-door prices. No hidden fees or cost.

What is a pre-portrait consultation?
Before your session, we’ll meet for about 30 minutes to discuss location, props, outfits, and other creative ideas. We love to hear any specifics you desire and how we can make your creative ideas a reality. We’ll also discuss any purchases you are interested in for wall display and gifts. Any payments towards those can be made in advance at this time.

When do I pay my session fee?
The session fee is due in full at the time of booking and this payment will hold your session time and date. This fee is non-refundable.

What happens if I have to reschedule for some reason?
Life happens and I totally get that. I am happy to reschedule your session one time as long as I receive a 24 hour notice. If a second reschedule is required, you will forfeit your original session fee and a new fee will be paid for the new session date.

What if the weather is bad?
I’ll reschedule your session as soon as we can at no extra cost to you.

How long after my session can I expect to receive my photos?
Clients who would like to see a small sampling of their photos within the first few days, we offer a “sneak peak” that can be viewed on our social media pages. If you want to share your sneak peak with friends and family you can do so by sharing the post straight to your own page. 14 days is standard, but of  course I always do my best to deliver your photos to you as soon as possible.

How many photographs will you take/provide?
There is no specific amount – I aim to take as many as possible during the time booked, but the number can vary depending on the product and what you’re after. I always make sure my clients have plenty of images from their shoot which can be used across their website, online shops and social media profile.

Who owns the copyright of the images?
The copyright always remains with me, however I grant my clients with the rights to use the images where they please. All I ask in return is a small credit back to me to be included where possible.
You may:
-Share the watermarked images I post on social media sites to your own social media sites, tag yourself in images that are of your family/children. You may also use those images as your cover photo or profile image.
-Use the images from your session on your own personal website or social media websites (a photo credit is appreciated)
You may not:
-Copy images from this website or my social media sites with the intent to alter, crop, remove watermarks, edit, or claim as your own.
-Alter or re-edit my images.
-Print images from this website or from my social media sites.
-Use any of my images for publications or promotional purposes without my knowledge.

Do you shoot black and white, and color?
I shoot everything in color and transfer images to black and white in post-production. This gives me enormous creative freedom, because any image you like in color can be transferred to black and white. (I archive all the original files, so I’ll always have your color files available)

Boudoir Shoot

Do you retouch my photos?
We shoot in a flattering light so that retouching is minimal. We don’t want to distort your natural figure. We want you to love the real you!

Can I bring a friend?
You can bring a friend for moral support, but females only please. It is also important to the quality of the shoot that you feel comfortable posing in front of whoever you bring; awkwardness will come across in your photos and make our job (and yours) more difficult.